Three Ways You Can Save by Trading In

May 19th, 2021 by

Saving when you trade in? We know that’s probably not something you hear often. In fact, car owners are often told they’ll make more money selling their vehicles on their own. However, there are lots of advantages to trading in your vehicle at James River Ford.

We’re Ready to Buy

Selling your vehicle can be a huge hassle with lots of time and energy involved (and often wasted). However, you can avoid that hassle by selling with us. In fact, we are anxious to buy your vehicle, even if you aren’t looking to purchase a new one!

We have a simple tool online to determine your trade-in value. And, we know our offers are competitive. In fact, we pay up to $250 more than CarMax.

You Save on Your New Car

Naturally, having a trade-in also means saving on your new car. It can be difficult to part with significant savings when buying a new car and by trading in, that can be involved. Plus, when you are making a sizable down payment, you have less to finance. That means less interest to pay which adds up over the life of your loan.

You Pay Less in Taxes

Did you know that Missouri factors in your trade-in value when calculating new vehicle sales tax? Normally, when purchasing a new car, you pay sales tax on the total purchase price. However, when you apply a trade-in value to your investment, you only have to pay sales tax on the remaining portion.

Ready to trade in your vehicle? We’re ready to buy it! Bring it by our Ford dealership in Ozark, MO for an estimate and to peruse our new inventory. Stop in and see us soon!

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